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Good ideas come easier when on the move ...

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Are you active enough?

The World Health Organisation recommends

walking 10 000 steps daily.

Three hours on the office treadmill will give you

the recommended daily activity.

By walking in a slow pace you do not perspire

and you will get just as much work done.


With regular office chairs making us stiff and unproductive, our office treadmill is more than just a corporate gimmick! 

It doesn't come as a surprise that its popularity is growing worldwide, with corporate giants like Google and Microsoft investing in hundreds of units for their employees.

A treadmill-desk walking speed of 1.5kph will burn 2.6 calories per minute or 156kcal/hr.
  According to data from the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study, after an hour of sitting, the production of
  enzymes that burn fat in the body declines by up to 90 percent. But walking raises our base metabolic rate significantly.

Bwell Walking is a new Norwegian concept that combines a work desk with a treadmill, enabling you to walk while working. 

In more and more Scandinavian companies, sitting while working is considered a thing of the past. 

Walk and work is the new way of business!

Bwell Walking brochure

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The Original Bwell Office Treadmill

The Bwell Office Treadmill is a quiet treadmill used in all types of workplaces and for many different types of jobs. Speed between 1–6 km/h. Display shows time, calories, speed and distance.

Bwell Office Treadmill Incline

The Bwell Office Treadmill Incline can be adjusted to an incline of between 0-4 degrees. When you walk slightly uphill there is less load on your joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Varying the degree of incline can help prevent problems, especially in the Achilles’ tendons and bone tissue. 

Bwell Height adjustable worstation

Bwell height - adjustable workstation 160 x 100 cm. The workstation can be raised from 73 cm up to 140 cm. The desk top is ergonomically adapted with a deep curved front to provide arm support when  sitting/standing/walking at the workstation. Very steady lift.

Integrated cable channel.


Stiff, painfull back from sitting all day in your office chair?

Do you get restless from sitting still all day?


The office treadmill lets you walk while you work.

Free yourself from sitting still and get physical exercise at the office while working just as efficient as before!

While using our treadmill you can write, make phone calls and use your computer just as well as you can while sitting in an office chair.

Yet the change from a static to an active day at the office has several positive physical and mental health benefits:

Back pain? 
For office workers with back pain the office treadmill will provide the opportunity to keep muscles warm and your back mobile, while you are working as before. If you find you need to get up and stretch in order to decrease your back pain, you should give the office treadmill a try.

Good ergonomics

Good ergonomics will contribute to variety and increased mobility throughout your day at the office. Using the office treadmill at work can reduce the chances of several types of skeletomuscular problems, reduce sick leave and help people to get back to work.